Evangelisering är mycket viktigt. Vi är kallade att sprida Guds ord. Evangelisering kan också rädda liv, som den amerikanska organisationen St. Paul Street Evangelization rapporterar om på sin Facebooksida:

“This past weekend, the Las Vegas team had a heartwarming story to share. A young woman was in despair and was going to commit suicide, but thanks be to God she saw the team out evangelizing and she realized that these Christian men could help her. (Her picture is blurred to protect her privacy.) She spoke with Paul and Ed for almost an hour, where they spoke to her, gave her encouraging words, and most of all they prayed with her. They gave her a Miraculous Medal and a Rosary. She was exceedingly thankful and said that she believed God put the team there for her that day. This is the second time in recent weeks that the Las Vegas team has (Providentially) provided life-saving assistance to a troubled soul passing by – the prior instance was of a woman contemplating what seemed to be an abortion, but she didn’t go through with her decision after talking with the team. Sometimes, evangelizing is not only about spreading the Gospel, but about saving a life. Pray for the continued conversion of this woman and for the whole world. 

In times like these, a hearty DEO GRATIAS! (Latin for “Thanks be to God!”) sums it up the best.”